Sep 24, 2015
Excision Breathes New Life Into Band Of Horses’ Classic Rock Ballad ‘The Funeral’
Band of Horses - The Funeral (Excision Remix) [SubPOP]

Band of Horses’ iconic and near decade-old rock ballad The Funeral gets an epic, orchestral-style rework via pioneering bass maven Excision.

The remix was premiered in Excision’s mix celebrating the recent Shambhala Festival in British Columbia. Band of Horses lead singer Ben Bridwell’s yearning top-line vocal soars even higher as the bottom end digs even deeper than the booming original. As well, the slaying synths that replace the plaintive guitar give the track a similar feel to the work of new era rock/dance fusion acts like AWOLNATION.

Excision’s take on the track is an official remix and is available for purchase here.

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