Oct 04, 2010
Excise This
Foreign Beggars feat Noisia - No Holds Barred (Excision Remix) [Never Say Die]

Ever since listening through Excision’s Shambhala 2010, I haven’t been searching too hard for new dubstep. It’s safe to say that the Shambhala compilation is one big cookie–sixty dubstep monsters in two hours is a whole lot to chew on at once, but one of my favorites would have to be No Holds Barred. We featured a remixed Noisia single on our Nocturnal 2010 preview and posted another massive dubstep bomb with the Foreign Beggars, so neither of the original artists are entirely new to the site, but this is Excision’s LT3 debut–and what a debut it is.

No Holds Barred is just one of many Excision works on the record. Downright frightening stuff like Reploid is the usual fare, but it’s the gems like No Holds Barred that make me go back thirty seconds and listen again. The track is a fusion of British rap and heavy dubstep rife with the dark colors of Shambhala. If this degree of stuff is your style, I suggest checking the mix out.

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