Mar 14, 2012
Evy Jane Says So
Evy Jane - Ohso (Max Ulis Remix) [King Deluxe]
Evy Jane - Sayso (Original Mix) [King Deluxe]
Evy Jane - Ohso (Original Mix) [King Deluxe]

Until now, the best weapon in Canadian label King Deluxe’s arsenal has been their 2999 Project, a series of free-to-download collaborations between their resident artists and a host of respected bass producers ranging from Slugabed to Dntel. Their first foray into vinyl after a strictly digital opening run comes in the form of Vancouver duo Evy Jane’s debut EP, and with understated, downtempo dance-pop this excellent, the switch to a physical release is totally justified. Opener Sayso has a fair amount of buzz behind it on the blogosphere already, but quite honestly, many of the tracks on the EP deserve an equal share of the hype.

Evy Jane’s music centres on the sultry crooning of Evelyn Mason, with Vancouver rave organiser extraordinaire Jeremiah Klein smearing everything with thick, oozing beats that owe as much to hip-hop as they do to UK bass. Sayso is the title track and has subsequently received the most attention, but the second original offering Ohso is just as good, with Evelyn sounding here like Anneka played at half-speed.

If the originals are just a fraction too slow for you, there’s still some gold to be found on the flip with a couple of stellar, slightly more dynamic remixes. Pick of the bunch is Vancouver standout Max Ulis’ version of Ohso, upping the stakes with an urgent 4/4 beat and some low-end bass bubbling up between the cracks. Also on the release, Taal Mala turns Say So into a syrupy, murky heap of squashed synths and the occasional rhythmic clatter.

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