Jul 08, 2015
Canada’s Evolve Festival To Offer Free Drug Testing

In what is a progressive and likely necessary step, Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia will be the first event in the history of the Canadian province to offer free drug testing for festivalgoers.

The festival, which takes place July 9-12 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, will offer free analysis of LSD, MDMA, and speed (methamphetamine). Information about the pureness or toxicity of the substances will be revealed after two litmus tests, although Evolve organizers have stated that the test is not meant to tell those having substances analyzed whether or not they have “good” or “bad” drugs, or to imply that users can take the drugs worry-free, but to protect against potentially toxic drugs.

Drug analysis has been in the news recently as Electric Forest organizers shut down DanceSafe during their recent event.

For more information about Evolve Festival, visit their website here.

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