Apr 11, 2014
Zone Out To Evian Christ’s Remix of Young Thug’s ‘Stoner’
Young Thug - Stoner (Evian Christ Remix)

Having made a name for himself by producing Kanye West’s I’m In It on last year’s chart-topping Yeezus, Evian Christ is reportedly already helping Yeezy with his new record.

Rising Atlanta rapper Young Thug, who released his narcotic-praising number Stoner this year, is also said to be featured on the album. After releasing his Waterfall EP last month on Tri Angle, Evian Christ decided to casually drop his own remix of the track yesterday via Twitter.

Listen as Evian Christ throws minimal (albeit tenacious) trap beats over Young Thug’s manic, Danny Brown-esque vocals. Download the track for free on MediaFire, and stream Evian Christ’s Waterfall EP here.

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