Mar 12, 2014
Stream Evian Christ’s ‘Waterfall’
Evian Christ - Salt Carousel (Original Mix)
Evian Christ - Waterfall (Original Mix)

Joshua Leary, aka Evian Christ, has made his highly anticipated EP Waterfall available for streaming.

The 24-year-old UK native came into the spotlight last year after producing I’m In It, a track off Kanye West’s critically acclaimed Yeezus.

Waterfall, the four-track follow-up to Leary’s previous works, Kings And Them and Duga-3, features characteristically intrepid production from the young producer. Kicking off with the rattling Salt Carousel and ending with the mind-bending title track, Waterfall is an unrestrained collection of numbing beats infused with rugged, gritty tracks that will take you over the water’s edge and drop you into the abyss.

Waterfall is scheduled to receive a digital release on March 17, with a vinyl release on April 1. You can stream the EP in full on Evian Christ’s website.

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