Mar 11, 2012
Everyone Loves Whales
Lips - Everything To Me (Bronze Whale Remix)

In a sea of raging electro stabs and sub-bass wobbles, every once in a while it’s nice to retreat to a more soothing and subdued refuge of electronic music. Bronze Whale has provided such a retreat with their remix of the celebrated LIPS tune Everything To Me. New Zealand native Stephanie Brown, aka LIPS, has already seen her track get an exceptional remix from Adventure Club, which was featured on the latest Luvstep compilation. Not as cut-throat as the Adventure Club remix, the downtempo Bronze Whale edit is equally impressive, and has already received accolades from the New Zealand songstress herself.

The Bronze Whale remix of Everything To Me is a luxurious production, building on the relaxed vibe of the vocals which have been lifted directly from the original. With a few post-dubstep accents throughout the track, the tune glides along at just over 140bpm, making it very friendly to a dubstep audience. Most of the tune’s tranquil vibes comes by way of the pulsing organ lead, perfectly complementing Stephanie Brown’s simmering vocals. The Bronze Whale remix of Everything To Me doesn’t just add a new polish to the Lips classic–it re-invents the original in a very delicate manner. Head over to Bronze Whale’s SoundCloud page to download the remix for free!

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