Mar 16, 2014
Eventbrite Audience Analysis Pins Down The Pulse Of EDM Fans

This past week, Eventbrite released the results of an insightful study they conducted throughout 2013. From Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, the online ticketing service collected the Twitter conversations of 1000 EDM fans and compared it to the conversations of 1000 fans of other genres (including the usuals, like rock, pop, indie, classical, jazz, etc).

Their findings are fascinating. For one, EDM fans are far more democratic in their appreciation of music and less obsessed with individual artists. Fans of non-dance music Tweeted about specific artists twice as much as the dance music fans. There’s just not as much idealization of the individual going on, which brings to mind one of the main tenets of dance music philosophy–that the guy on stage isn’t any more or less special than any of the people in the audience.

At the same time though, even if it’s not directed to any particular artist, EDM seems to attract more fandom on the whole. One in every three Tweets by dance music fans was about dance music. That’s around 52% more music-related posts than the general music fans.

Another interesting finding was that EDM fans are social media addicts, Tweeting 11 times a day (as opposed to your average Twitter user who updates their status six times a day). The Tweets themselves were found to contain more personal information than anything general music fans were willing to reveal, including more disclosure about their sex life, relationships, partying, and “excessive consumption of alcohol.”

But as much as the party seems to be central to EDM, one of the common themes of Eventbrite’s study is that the community is ultimately all about the love–Tweets by dance music fans were the ones most rooted in positivity, affinity, and the goal of using social media to strengthen the ties with their friends and fellow party-goers.

In other words, Spring Breakers hit the nail on the head. Check out the full report over here.

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