Jan 12, 2011
Erol Never Stops
Chilly Gonzales - Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) [Phantasy Sound]

Erol Alkan really does keep kids dancing. Arguably his most popular production of the past couple of months, his rework of Never Stop takes the classic house sound and adds a twist of modern day electronica to it. I saw Erol a few months ago at HARD Haunted Mansion and I can honestly say that his sound is nuts–a brash combination of super wavy electro synth, offbeat drum patterns, and piercing vocal samples that are perfect for any rave. This track is no exception.

What I love is the evident use of “less is more” in this song. He doesn’t over-exaggerate the synth or the bassline; it’s just catchy as hell overall. Sexy lines of kick drum and snare accompany the synth, almost begging you to shake your booty. And, of course there are the vocal samples–again, very simple. There’s really not much more I can say about Never Stop, except that it will linger in your head long after it finishes.

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