Aug 04, 2011
Eric's Pride
Cirez D - Mokba (Original Mix) [Mouseville]
Cirez D - Full Stop (Original Mix) [Mouseville]

It seems as if the Swedish have a penchant for only releasing the biggest house sounds around. From John Dahlback‘s iconic Kairo to the Swedish House Mafia’s audacious performances, the Swedes have their melody-driven house down on a massive scale. Eric Prydz is no exception to the rule, having dominated with tracks like Call on Me and Pjanoo as well as under his alternate persona Pryda. This month, he’s back under his third stage identity with another impressive release.

Highly instrumental and abstract, Cirez D‘s tracks represent the deep tech end of the Eric Prydz techno-house continuum. Mokba is a gradual ascent into big-room nirvana, complete with punchy kicks and layering melodies. Full Stop, his second latest Cirez D piece, starts out with a catchy tech hook, but builds into that classic Swedish epic house feel. Both of these tracks would drop like bombs on massive stages.

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