Sep 11, 2014
‘Don’t Get Married, It’s A Trap’ & 10 More Insights From Eric Prydz’ Reddit AMA
Cirez D - Accents

Eric Prydz may be a busy man right now, but that didn’t stop him from taking time out of his schedule to answer questions from fans on Reddit.

Prydz is in the midst of preparing for a massive EPIC 3.0 show at Madison Square Garden as well as getting ready to play HARD Day of the Dead. He also recently announced a new Las Vegas residency and released two deep tracks for free.

He addressed some of these topics as well as marriage, Barrack Obama and more in his AMA. We’ve compiled some of the highlights for you below.

1. EPIC 3.0 is going to be, well, epic.

“yes, we are, every $ is going into the production. EPIC is a passion project for me, its for the fans. We’ve lost money on every EPIC show we’ve ever done.”

“Cirez will definitely be let out of the cage for EPIC!”

2. How does he feel about the Pryda snare being everywhere?

“I think its funny. Its becoming a joke really”

3. Don’t get married.

“Don’t get married, it’s a trap ;)”

4. If Eric Prydz wasn’t a DJ he would be a…


5. 2015 is going to be a big year for Eric Prydz music.

“It’s never my goal to have commercially successful records, I just make music that I want to play in my sets and sometimes they appeal to hundreds and sometimes they appeal to millions.
There are loads of new Eric Prydz stuff in the pipeline, ready to go in 2015 stay tuned.”

6. How exactly is his hat secured to his head?


7. What has been the most difficult transition for him moving to the USA?

“exchanging the word mate for dude”

8. If he could steal anyone’s hard drive for an hour whose would he take?

“Barack Obama”

9. Does he only play super duper top-secret private music in his home?

“yes, of course! private private private private private special edit private remixes”

10. He has an unreleased track made from… what?

“Hitting my friends head with various of objects in the recording both and then created percussions with the results.
The track was called “Headache” never released..”

11. Who is the biggest surprise fan he’s come across?

“Hodor from ‘Game of Thrones’ is a fun one”

Read the entire AMA on Reddit and be sure to catch Eric Prydz at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 27 and HARD Day of the Dead on Nov. 1.

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