Aug 11, 2015
Eric Prydz’ ‘Pryda 10 Vol. II’ Provides Fans With A Progressive Paradise
Pryda - Clapham (Original Mix) [Pryda]
Pryda - Rush (Original Mix) [Pryda]
Pryda - T.I.D (Original Mix) [Pryda]

Progressive house mastermind Eric Prydz returns with Vol. II of his three-part Pryda 10 EP series as he gears up for the release of his highly anticipated debut album. To the surprise of exactly no one who is familiar with the Swedish savant, it’s an hour-long blast of brilliance.

While Vol. I was by no means mediocre, it’s did leave something to be desired for hardcore Prydz fans. Vol. II takes things in a slightly darker, more hypnotizing direction, and it’s filled with oodles of sought-after IDs.

Opening up the action is Welcome To My House, an introductory track that Eric is known for playing at the beginning of one of his high-octane sets. Its otherworldly vocal, epic breakdowns, and energy-filled synths serve as an exciting appetizer to what follows.

Next is Annexet, a powerful, slow-burning tune that will turn heads. Clapham is a 10-minute exploration of head-down grooves, bombastic basslines, and Prydz’ unmistakable flair for crafting brilliant melodies and rhythms–this one definitely borrows a bit from his dark side, Cirez D.

Rush continues the trek down the deep, dark rabbit hole with a nine-minute exploration of peak-time madness. Closing off the action is the Pete Tong ID, now named T.I.D, which, like everything else on offer, is a spellbinding anthem that will you have reaching out to the heavens with your best Jesus pose.

In the end, there is more than enough here to please even the biggest EP fan. Pick it up on Beatport here, and stay tuned for Vol. III in September and a full album in October.