Aug 24, 2014
Eric Prydz Gives Away Two Cirez D Tracks
Cirez D - Accents (Original Mix)
Cirez D - Revolution (Original Mix)

To celebrate his 10,000th Tweet, Eric Prydz is giving away a special two-track release from his techno alias Cirez D.

While some producers are content with tossing fans throwaway remixes and bootlegs, this is Eric Prydz we’re talking about. Fans have been clamoring for both of these tracks for some time now, and for good reason: they’re absolute monsters. Accents is an acidic groove with a dark bassline, while Revolution, which features a series of builds and breaks, is a hypnotic audial journey and a surefire festival and club favorite.

Kickstart your day and grab the two new Cirez D tracks here. They should be enough to tide you over until Prydz’ EPIC 3.0 performance at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 27.

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