Oct 02, 2015
Entranced 41
BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang - All These Wounds (Nick Sember Mix) [Anjunabeats]
DJ Tiesto - Suburban Train (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Damaged]
Radion6 - Shockwave (Original Mix) [Armind]
ReLocate vs. Robert Nickson and Sarah Russell - Survivor (Original Mix) [Molekular Sounds]
Seven Lions - Cusp (Original Mix) [WAO138?!]

Friday night is new trance music night here at LessThan3, as the 41st edition of Entranced brings you some proper belters from the likes of BT, Robert Nickson, Seven Lions, and more.

BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang – All These Wounds (Nick Sember Mix) [Anjunabeats]

First up this week is a collaboration between BT and Ilan Bluestone that’s been released on Anjunabeats–what more could a trance fan ask for? Well, how about some beautiful, breathy vocals from Stef Lang and a cracking remix effort from Nick Sember? Nick’s take on All These Wounds is somewhat reminiscent of Andrew Bayer’s England and Bluestone’s own Big Ben, with a hint of his previous work as part of Norin & Rad thrown in for good measure. It’s worth getting your hands on the other mixes too though, so grab your copy here.

DJ Tiesto – Suburban Train (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Damaged]

Yes, you read that right–this is from the days when Tiesto still had the “DJ” prefix before his name. More notably, Suburban Train is lauded as one of the stand out tracks from his trance days, though it was of course written by Ronald van Gelderen. Either way, it’s still a firm favourite among proper trance fans, so you’ll all be pleased to hear the UK’s own Jordan Suckley has given it the once over. All the charm of the original is still in place, with an added injection of Jordan’s full on trance energy. This one is a sure fire dance floor destroyer, and is out now, so grab your copy here.

Radion6 – Shockwave (Original Mix) [Armind]

Radion6 first appeared in Entranced 24 back in May when he teamed up with Sied van Riel for Wardrive, but now he’s proving he’s got what it takes to strike out on his own with the sublime Shockwave. This was a solid crowd favourite at ASOT Ibiza over the summer, and with it’s apocalyptic energy and almost limitless atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this worked so well under the Ibiza evening sky. It’s out now on Armind, so grab your copy here.

Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson and Sarah Russell – Survivor (Original Mix) [Molekular Sounds]

A bit of classic uplifting next as veteran Robert Nickson teams up with Re:Locate for their massive track Survivor. There’s literally no information about Re:Locate online—no social media presence, it might even be a secret alias, but either way, the pair make for a brilliant production outfit, perfectly complimented by the vocal talents of Sarah Russell. Survivor is out now on Molekular Sounds, so grab your copy here, and why not check out the duo’s album Essence–from which Survivor was taken–for plenty more uplifting goodness.

Seven Lions- Cusp (Original Mix) [WAO138?!]

Rounding things off this week is perhaps one of the most varied and creative producers currently on the scene. Seven Lions has lent his hand to electro house, dubstep, and drum & bass, and is seemingly adept at all of them. Now, he’s dipping his toe into trance music, and surprise, surprise, he’s managed to nail this genre, too. As you might expect though, Cusp is far more than a 138-BPM banger, though it ticks that box nicely, too. There’s a touch of psy trance, plenty of experimental synth sounds, and even a brief taste of trap. It all sounds a bit much on paper, but as with most of Seven Lions’ music, it works flawlessly. Grab your copy here.