Sep 26, 2015
Entranced 40
4 Strings - In Our Hearts (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
Bjorn Akesson - Paper Dreams (Original Mix) [FSOE]
Fatum - Take Me Back (Original Mix) [Ride]
John 00 Fleming - If I Don’t Come Home (Original Mix) [JOOF]
Signum - Blockbuster (Original Mix) [WAO138]

They say life begins at 40, so we better start hammering out some solid anthems to celebrate. This week on Entranced, we’ve got new trance music from the like of 4 Strings, John 00 Fleming, Signum, and more.

4 Strings – In Our Hearts (Original Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]

First up this week is another masterpiece from veteran producer 4 Strings in the shape of In Our Hearts. This one is classic trance through and through, with rolling basslines, massive atmospheres, and of course, a signature 4 Strings melody–uplifting, catchy, and timeless. It’s also a debut for 4 Strings on the ever-popular Amsterdam Trance Records imprint, a welcome addition to one of the most diverse trance labels on the scene. Grab your copy of In Our Hearts here.

Bjorn Akesson – Paper Dreams (Original Mix) [FSOE]

Taking things on a slighty tougher edge next is Bjorn Akesson with his latest FSOE release Paper Dreams. Pounding kicks, gritty synths, and frantic leads make for some proper hand in the air energy. With support from pretty much everyone who’s everyone in the trance community, from Solarstone to MIKE Push, not to mention label heads Aly & Fila themselves, Paper Dreams is pure peak-time trance as it should be. While the mental acid lines are ideally suited to underground strobe-lit clubs, Paper Dreams will also sound epic on your home system, so grab your copy here.

Fatum – Take Me Back (Original Mix) [Ride]

Florida based producers Fatum take things a little more experimental next with Take Me Back. It’s a careful blending of a few different influences at play with this one, with a tough electro-edged intro developing into a progressive break, complete with vocoded vocal motifs and lush chord stabs. The drop is full-on big room trance, with a feel-good vibe and heaps of energy, just what you need to close off the summer. Take Me Back is right at home on Myon & Shane 54’s forward-thinking Ride label, and is quickly rising up the Beatport trance chart, so grab your copy here.

John 00 Fleming – If I Don’t Come Home (Original Mix) [JOOF]

In curating Entranced, we like to consider every nuance of trance over the ages. While uplifting, progressive, and big room trance all have their place, there’s a side to trance that dates back to the early days of the genre. One man who’s keeping that sound alive over 20 years on, is John 00 Fleming. If I Don’t Come Home has the origins of trance at its heart–it’s dark, driving, and has its roots in the Goa style that birthed the entire scene. Released on his own JOOF label, it’s also backed up by some phenomenal remixes from John O’Callaghan, Tim Penner, and Facade. Grab your copy here.

Signum – Blockbuster (Original Mix) [WAO138]

Rounding things off is another veteran of the scene, with his debut on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! Blockbuster is a fine example of Signum’s trademark sound, with some crazy acid lines, fast-paced percussion, and a classic lead riff, making for a taste of late 90s trance in 2015, and a slice of the old-school with a modern twist. There’s a even some mind blowing tempo changes, guaranteed to mess with your head and send a dancefloor wild. Grab your copy here.