Jun 26, 2015
Entranced 29
Adam Ellis - The Babadook (Original Mix) [Outburst]
Alex O'Rion - Koi Koi (Original Mix) [Macarize]
Las Salinas - Winston (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Solarstone & Iko - Once (Pure Mix) [Black Hole]
Woody van Eyden & Dan Stone - Chambray (Woody van Eyden Mix) [Always Alive]

It’s Friday, which means another five of the week’s hottest anthems are coming your way. This week we’ve got something of a summery vibe going on, as Entranced 29 brings you bright and breezy new trance music from the likes of Dan Stone, Las Salinas, Solarstone, and more.

Adam Ellis – The Babadook (Original Mix) [Outburst]
OK, something not so summery to start with, but a belting track that deserves to be heard all the same. The Babadook is the new track from British trance prodigy Adam Ellis, and is dark, twisted, and rammed full of energy from start to finish. The Badabook is Adam’s debut on Outburst Records, and forms part of the Bursting Out Vol 3 EP. The whole thing is well worth getting your hands on, so head on over to Beatport to grab your copy, and check out Adam’s The Badabook chart while you’re at it.

Alex O’Rion – Koi Koi (Original Mix) [Macarize]
Something beautiful, chilled, and endlessly relaxing next from Dutch producer Alex O’Rion and his latest work, Koi Koi. Tinged with elements of uplifting, feel-good melodies and a solid groove, Koi Koi is progressive trance at heart, and those chilled vibes envelop the track–and the listener–in a lovely, warm glow that so many tracks try, and fail, to achieve. With plenty of support from every name worth mentioning, including Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, and MIKE to name but a few, Koi Koi is out now on Macarzie, so grab your copy here.

Solarstone & Iko – Once (Pure Mix) [Black Hole]
Plucky, driving trance next, as Solarstone return to Black Hole Recordings for Once, a collaboration with Devon based Iko. Coming from a more traditional singer-songwriter perspective, the group provide and interesting juxtaposition to Solarstone’s “pure” trance outlook, but it’s a combination that works well. In a world filled with trance vocals that soar and scream above endless euphoric riffs, it’s a refreshing, and different, change to hear something like Once. Grab your copy here and also check out Solarstone’s Pure Trance June Top 10.

Las Salinas – Winston (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
When it comes to summery trance vibes, you can’t go far wrong with Enhanced Progressive and London based duo Las Salinas with their latest effort Winston. The slightly unusual name apparently comes from the brand of cigarettes the duo both smoke, but you don’t need a hit of nicotine to chill you out with this track on your system. Soaring melodies, subtle pads, and preg trance vibes whisk you straight to an Ibiza beach, but there’s still enough of an uplifting flavour and deliciously techy rhythm and bass to see Winston going down a storm in the clubs too. Get your copy here.

Woody van Eyden & Dan Stone – Chambray (Woody van Eyden Mix) [Always Alive]
If you’ve had your fill of chilled-out progressive trance for the week, how about rounding things off with some good, old-fashioned uplifting straight out of the studios of trance royalty. German legend Woody Van Eyden returns to the fore with British veteran Dan Stone for their latest track, Chambray. With two distinct flavours on offer from each producer, our pick has to be Woody’s own mix. Complete with big supersaw melodies, dancing arpeggios and rolling basslines, this is the uplifting trance we know and love. Get your copy here, and check out Dan Stone’s Chambray chart here for more top trance picks.