May 29, 2015
Entranced 25
Andy Moor & RAM feat. Christina Novelli - All Gone (RAM Uplifting Mix) [WAO138]
Anske - Little Dreamer (Ariel & Danilo Remix) [Lange]
Genix - Muto (Original Mix) [Armind]
Markus Schulz - Bombay [Mumbai] (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Rafael Frost & Maria Nayler - No Mistakes (Original Mix) [Frost]

We’ve reached 25 episodes of Entranced, and as you might expect, it’s business as usual as we offer up five more of the week’s hottest new trance music. Entranced 25 features new tracks from Andy Moor, Markus Schulz, Genix, and more!

Andy Moor & RAM feat. Christina Novelli – All Gone (RAM Uplifting Mix) [WAO138]
To kick things off this week, how about a collab between Andy Moor and RAM, with Christina Novelli on vocals? Not trancey enough for you? Well how about an Uplifting Mix from RAM himself. All Gone is stocked full of all your favourite trance standards–a rolling bassline, piano riffs, big chords, and a banging kick. But between three of the hottest talents on the trance scene, not to mention Novelli’s vocal talents, this is way more than a run-of-the-mill trance record; this is uplifting trance at its best, mixed with some top-notch songwriting for good measure. Get your copy of All Gone here.

Anske – Little Dreamer (Ariel & Danilo Remix) [Lange]
Lithuanian talent Anske has come up with a fantastic track in its own right with Little Dreamer, but really putting the icing on the cake is a remix from Argentinian duo Ariel & Danilo. Tear-jerking-yet-feel-good chords, big builds and epic drops, not to mention those incredible little vocal snippets, Little Dreamer is a sublime piece of progressive trance with a touch of uplifting, perfect for raising the roof as well as your mood. The whole Little Dreamer package is worth getting your hands on, and it’s out now on Lange Recordings. Get your copy here.

Genix – Muto (Original Mix) [Armind]
British talent Genix might just be one of the most prolific producers on the trance scene at the moment. Already a firm favourite and poster boy for Anjunabeats, he’s now showing off his skills on trance’s other behemoth Armada, this time with a release on Armind. Muto is that mix of uplifting and big-room that we’ve come to know and love from Genix. Stompy drums juxtaposed with delicate piano lines and some subtle-yet-crazy synth goodness in the middle–what more could you ask for? Muto is out now, so get your copy here.

Markus Schulz – Bombay [Mumbai] (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz offers up the latest track in his ambitious City Series, with a follow up to Golden Gate , this time with an Indian flavour. Bombay [Mumbai] has a confusing name–the city of Mumbai was previously called Bombay–and a historic background. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it pays tribute to the Trouser Enthusiasts’ 1999 classic Sweet Release, by borrowing the main melody. We’re not sure how this links to the Indian theme either, but either way, this one is a belter, so get your copy here.

Rafael Frost & Maria Nayler – No Mistakes (Original Mix) [Frost Recordings]
Some more vocal epicness to round things off this week, this time with Dutch producer Rafael Frost, who is joined by the angelic talents of Maria Nayler for No Mistakes. A start-stop banger mixed with some utterly enormous atmospheres, No Mistakes is prime big room club material, but with a hefty helping of emotion and feeling that lets it stand out as a track you can kick back to at home. No Mistakes is out now of Rafael’s own Frost Recordings, so grab your copy here.