May 22, 2015
Entranced 24
Ben Gold feat. Eric Lumiere - Hide Your Heart (Original Mix) [Goldrush]
Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux - Loud Noises (Original Mix) [Tytanium]
Dimension - Origami (Adam Ellis Remix) [Flashover]
Sied Van Riel & Radion6 - Warpdrive (Original Mix) [Armind]
Zack Mia - Osiris (Original Mix) [Digital Society]

With summer just around the corner and the end of May a holiday weekend here in the UK, what better way to get in the mood than with five more shiny new uplifting anthems. This week’s Entranced brings you new trance music from the likes of Ben Gold, Darren Porter, a rather special remix, and plenty more.

Ben Gold feat. Eric Lumiere – Hide Your Heart (Original Mix) [Goldrush]
British producer Ben Gold kicks out another top trance anthem on his own Goldrush imprint. With a powerful dose of energy, and some massive synth riffs, Hide Your Heart is main room trance at its finest. The real treat though is the vocal performance of Californian talent Eric Lumiere, backed with some beautiful piano work in the break–a fantastic piece of songwriting that is bound to get get your heart singing. Get your copy here.

Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux – Loud Noises (Original Mix) [Tytanium]
Sticking with Brits next, this time a bit faster and tougher as Darren Porter teams up with Italian producer Manuel Le Saux for the appropriately named Loud Noises. A clash between dark and brooding builds and carefully placed flashes of uplifting synth riff, Loud Noises exemplifies the talent these two veterans have when it comes to kicking out a belter. Released on Sean Tyas’ Tytanium imprint, Loud Noises is well worth getting your hands on, so get your copy here and turn it up nice and loud.

Dimension – Origami (Adam Ellis Remix) [Flashover]
The speculation that Origami was a secret Gouryella reunion was quickly quashed when it was revealed the track is actually the work of Spanish producer Dimension. The hype is still bubbling away though, quickly speeding towards “modern classic” territory. Doing its cause plenty of favours is yet another British talent, this time Adam Ellis, who has whacked the supersaws all the way up to 11 for his stunning take on the track. If people thought the original was channelling the spirit of Gouryella, this one has brought it right back to life. It’s a little slice of 1999 smack bang in the middle of 2015, and with plenty of support from the big guns already, this one is going to be huge. Grab your copy here.

Sied Van Riel & Radion6 – Warpdrive (Original Mix) [Armind]
To Holland next as Sied Van Riel teams up with compatriot Radion6 for Warpdrive, their fourth collaboration together and their debut release on Armin Van Buuren’s own Armind imprint. As you might expect with support from the King of Trance himself, Warpdrive is designed for massive events–kilowatts of lights, pyro and several thousand people jumping up and down in unison. Despite the stadium friendly elements, with a slightly techier, tougher edge to it, Warpdrive should also so some serious damage in smaller venues. Get your own copy here.

Zack Mia – Osiris (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Rounding things off this week, we get even tougher as South African producer Zack Mia releases his debut track on Digital Society. According to his blurb, Mia has been around for a while, only the alias is new. It isn’t quite clear what his previous artist name was, but if Osiris is anything to go by, he’s certainly got talent. A mix of uplifting and hard trance with a twist of classic nostalgia to boot, this is the sort of solid music that put the Digital Society on the map. Get your copy here, and your weekend is complete.