May 15, 2015
Entranced 23
Allen Watts - Tomahawk (Vlind Remix) [Monster Force]
Armin van Buuren - Another You feat. Mr Probz (Mark Sixma Remix) [Armind]
Luke Bond & Omnia - Reflex (Original Mix) [Armind]
M.I.K.E Push - Visions Become Reality (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Vitodito & Silence Groove - Choices (EDU Remix) [Macarize]

Another round-up of the week’s hottest new trance music, as Entranced brings you tracks from some new names and some proper veterans. This week, we’ve got some killer anthems from the likes of Armin, Omnia, M.I.K.E Push, and plenty more.

Allen Watts – Tomahawk (Vlind Remix) [Monster Force]
Originally released in 2013, Tomahawk proved to be a breakthrough release for Allen Watts as he made his debut on the ever-impressive Monster imprint. Now, the track has been given a tough-edged respray courtesy of rising Mexican star Vlind. Full of epic riffs and hard trance rhythms, this one is designed to be cranked all the way up to 11. Get your copy from Beatport here.

Armin van Buuren – Another You feat. Mr Probz (Mark Sixma Remix) [Armind]
A collab between Armin and Mr Probz, with a remix from Mark Sixma? What more could a trance fan ask for? Sixma’s remix of Another You retains the distinctly poppy feel of the original and throws in some of his trademark “anthem” elements. It’s a very cleverly designed mix of styles that highlights the catchy songwriting of the vocal lines, but throws caution to the wind when it comes to breaking out the big synths. Bound to be a set favourite at Armin’s various outings over the summer, Another You is out now on Armind, so pick up your copy here

Luke Bond & Omnia – Reflex (Original Mix) [Armind]
Sticking with Armind next, as two more of trance’s finest talents get together for some studio wizardry. British producer Luke Bond joins Ukrainian star Omnia for Reflex, an uplifting trance record with plenty of feeling. There’s something nicely understated yet emotional about the riffs in this one that makes it ideally suited to throwing on a pair of headphones and simply getting lost in the music. It should still cause some serious damage in the clubs, but it’s always good to see some heart being thrown in when it comes to writing a proper trance record. Grab your copy here.

M.I.K.E Push – Visions Become Reality (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
A real trance veteran up next, as M.I.K.E Push returns to Coldharbour for his Starcraft EP. All three of the tracks have that special something that comes from having almost 20 years experience in making solid trance music, but Visions Become Reality has just the right mix of old-school and forward-thinking elements that really makes it stand out. Dark and brooding with tons of atmosphere and a lovely film score-esque break, this is the M.I.K.E Push we know and love. Get your copy of the full Starcraft EP here.

Vitodito & Silence Groove – Choices (EDU Remix) [Macarize]
Rounding things off this week is some progressive goodness from Vitodito and Silence Groove, with Lithuanian genius EDU on remix duties. Choices is all about those lush chord stabs, delicate pianos, driving-yet-subtle rhythms, and a lovely warm feeling the oozes from every peak and trough of the waveform. It sounds odd to say a track is full of energy and relaxing at the same time, but these guys have managed it–progressive trance as it should be. Choices is out now on Macarize, and you can get your copy here.