May 08, 2015
Entranced 22
Activa - Magnetic (Dub Mix) [Monster Force]
Audio Noir - Piranha (Original Mix) [Perfecto Black]
Johan Vilborg - Robotica (Original Mix) [Statement]
Paul van Dyk & Genix - For You (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Will Atkinson - Fresh Meat (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]

Things take a decidedly old-school and psy-esque feel for Entranced 22, as we bring you the hottest and hardest new trance music from the likes of Activa, Paul Van Dyk, Sean Tyas, and more.

Activa – Magnetic (Dub Mix) [Monster Force]
First up this week is British trance veteran Activa, who offers up our first dose of psy, albeit with a twist. Magnetic is driven along by plenty of psy-trance standards–the obligatory acid lines, evolving melodies, and moody atmospheres–yet there’s a decidedly chilled and progressive feel to the track, reminiscent of the Goa trance that ruled the genre before the supersaw was invented. It’s out now on Monster Force, so get your copy here.

Audio Noir – Piranha (Original Mix) [Perfecto Black]
Sticking with the old school theme, Australian producer Audio Noir makes his dark and techy debut on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto brand, on the appropriately named Perfecto Black imprint. Piranha is all about those throbbing bass sounds, hypnotic synth lines, and almost disturbing atmosphere. Perfect to zone out to, this one channels the early history of the genre rather nicely, so grab your copy here and get ready to lose yourself.

Johan Vilborg – Robotica (Original Mix) [Statement]
Taking a break from the dark side and coming right up to date next, Johan Vilborg joins Ruben de Ronde’s Statement label with his new track Robotica. A bright and cheery big room trance anthem, this one is designed for the summer. There is another side to Robotica though, as the melancholic breaks provide a wonderful juxtaposition to the track, giving it an almost Andrew Bayer-esque feel in parts. With plenty of support already from the big boys, this one is going to be huge, so get your copy here.

Paul van Dyk & Genix – For You (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Trance legend Paul van Dyk released his seventh studio album this week, The Politics Of Dancing 3–taking the name from the series that was previously a mix compilation. The collective feeling is retained however, as unusually for an original LP, every track is either a collab or a remix by another artist, and this joint effort with young superstar Genix is a prime example. For You mixes Paul’s taste in uplifting and techy trance, with Genix’s feel-good big room vibes, a fantastic recipe that is bound to get you jumping. The whole album is well worth a listen, so get your copy here.

Will Atkinson – Fresh Meat (Original Mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
Rounding things off this week, we’re right back in the psy again, this time on a harder edge as Will Atkinson makes his return to Bryan Kearney’s Kearnage label. Driven by a floor-destroying kick, relentless synth stabs, and an unintelligible spoken word sample, Fresh Meat is designed to flatten walls and melt your brain. Certainly not one to play loud if you’ve got neighbours, but we’re sure they won’t mind just the once. Get your copy here, and join the insanity.