Apr 17, 2015
Entranced 19
Dan Stone - Topaz (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
Johan Gielen - Confusion (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Joonas Hahmo - Rosetta (Original Mix) [Hahmo]
Lange - Formula None (Original Mix) [Lange]

Entranced is here once again to take your through the weekend with more of the week’s best new trance music. For this edition, we’ve got some of the genre’s finest producers including John O’Callaghan, Lange, Joonas Hahmo, and more.

Dan Stone – Topaz (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
First up this week is Dan Stone with Topaz, marking his return to Daniel Kandi’s Always Alive imprint. Taking things on an uplifting tip as always, Dan combines rolling basslines, expert synth work, and some utterly enormous atmospheres to create a timeless trance anthem that is bound to get the goosebumps going. Already climbing its way up the charts, you can help it along by grabbing your own copy now.

Johan Gielen – Confusion (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
A proper trance veteran up next in Johan Gielen, who returns to High Contrast with Confusion. Contrary to the title, this one is as clear as day, a proper old-school trance anthem with bright synths and a melody that gets right into your soul. Johan is playing Tomorrowland in July, so if you’re there, be sure to catch one of the real champions of uplifting trance. In the meantime, you can head on over to Beatport and get your own copy of Confusion to tide you over.

John O’Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin – Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Subculture]
A bit of an epic now as John O’Callaghan teams up with fellow Irish songwriter Deirdre McLaughlin for Stay With Me. As you might expect from JOC, there’s a bit of a tough edge to the track, but Deirdre’s floaty vocal gives the track a delicate edge that works beautifully. Stay With Me is out now on John’s own Subculture label, so head on over to Beatport and grab your copy now.

Joonas Hahmo – Rosetta (Original Mix) [Hahmo]
For our penultimate track this week, we’re proud to present the return of Finland’s very own Joonas Hahmo, who brings us another feel-good anthem, this by the name of Rosetta. The stompy percussion and bright, happy synth chords are familiar to fans of big room trance, but it’s worth remembering that Joonas has been a purveyor of this sound for years now, making him something of a pioneer. Rosetta is more of the same top-notch quality we’ve come to expect from Hahmo, so get your own copy now and help give it the recognition it rightly deserves.

Lange – Formula None (Original Mix) [Lange]
Rounding things off this week is yet another veteran, this time British producer Lange and his latest effort Formula None. Starting off as a dirty and gritty deep trancer, the track suddenly drops into an ambient film score-esque break that stunningly shows off Lange’s ability to work some orchestral magic. With support already from the likes of Andy Moor, BT, and PvD, you’ll certainly be in good company when playing this one. Formula None is out now on Lange Recordings as a Beatport Exclusive.