Mar 06, 2015
Entranced 13
Alexander Popov - Multiverse (Original Mix) [Armind]
Daniel Kandi & Matt Chowski - Ch00n (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
Matt Eray - The Siege (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
Paul Miller - Pluckyrocking (Original Mix) [Unearthed]
Robert Nickson - Spiral 2015 (Original Mix) [WAO138]

It’s almost time for the weekend, so we’ve got a pile of new trance music to get you in the mood with the lucky 13th edition of Entranced. This week sees music from some scene veterans, a remix of a classic, and a newcomer with a fantastic taste in track names.

Alexander Popov – Multiverse (Original Mix) [Armind]
Alexander Popov’s latest is Multiverse, a huge mainstage anthem that sees the Russian producer return to Armind. With support from Armin himself, this is all about that bloopy lead melody and those catchy stacatto saw riffs. Popov manages to carefully mix and mash elements of uplifting and big room, and as a result, Multiverse makes you want to just start jumping. Grab your copy now.

Daniel Kandi & Matt Chowski – Ch00n (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
Trance veteran Daniel Kandi teams up with relative newcomer Matt Chowski for his latest track, and you’ve got to admit the title is a little…interesting. Ch00n! may have a daft name, but the track is a serious piece of uplifting trance, complete with rolling basslines and acid stabs. Ch00n! soon morphs into a chilled break–complete with subtle breakbeat rhythms–before a massive drop that is the very definition of euphoric hits. Pick it up now on Kandi’s own Always Alive label.

Matt Eray – The Siege (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
It almost wouldn’t be an episode of Entranced without a Monster release, and this week it’s Polish up-and-comer Matt Eray’s turn. The Seige is classic uplifting trance, pelting along at 140 BPM and with heaps of energy, perfect for clubs but with a melody you can lose yourself in. There’s a sheen to Eray’s production that really makes this something special, so grab your copy now and turn it up loud.

Paul Miller – Pluckyrocking (Original Mix) [Unearthed]
Polish producer Paul Miller may not be the biggest name on the trance scene, but with releases on the likes of Vandit, he’s certainly got what it takes to mix it up with the big boys. He’s also got a fantastic ability to come up with cool track names, Pluckyrocking being one of the best I’ve heard in a while. The track itself is the first release of the year for Unearthed Recordings, and is a catchy piece of uplifting with a taste of progressive that deserves to be heard. Grab your copy of Pluckyrocking now.

Robert Nickson – Spiral 2015 (Original Mix) [WAO138]
The more discerning trance fan will need no introduction to this one. First released in 2004, Spiral cemented Robert Nickson as a name to rely on for epic trance productions. Now the Dutch producer has pulled the dust sheets off and given it a re-spray for 2015, and it still sounds as fresh as it did 11 years ago. With an emotional melody that twists between tear-jerking and euphoric, Spiral was well into “classic” territory already, but this secures the deal. It’s out now, rather appropriately, on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!