Feb 06, 2015
Entranced 09
Extravagance SL - Tama (Original Mix) [Vandit]
Ilan Bluestone - Tesseract (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
LTN & Ronski Speed - Lint (Original Mix) [Mercado]
Rodrigo Deem - Helix (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here (Extended Mix) [Black Hole]

Another week may be gone, but that means it’s time for another shedload of trance anthems with Entranced. This week we’ve got a couple of veterans standing alongside some newer names on the scene, all of them kicking out some potential future classics.

Extravagance SL – Tama (Original Mix) [Vandit]
First up this week is German duo Extravagance SL, who return to Vandit with a deep and driving piece of trance in Tama. It’s got a touch of psy-trance about it, with slowly evolving but constantly energetic synth lines, rough bass, and clever little vocal chops. There’s a nice anthemic melody which provides a touch of uplifting, but this is still about as dark as it gets. Get your copy now.

Ilan Bluestone – Tesseract (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
When you see the name Ilan Bluestone attached to a track, you know you’re in for a treat. His latest effort on Anjunabeats combines some atmospheric breaks with some raw and techy drops, effortlessly tied together by one of Ilan’s trademark “simple-yet-catchy” hooks. Tesseract is bound to get plenty of club play in the coming months, but it’s one of those tracks that doesn’t need a huge system to show off its full potential, so grab it now.

LTN & Ronski Speed – Lint (Original Mix) [Maracaido Records]
When it comes to inspiring track names, Lint is pretty far down the list, but lucky for trance fans, the track itself is a bit more exciting. It’s the latest collaboration between German veteran Ronski Speed and Indonesia’s finest, LTN. With some big, brash melodies, soaring piano lines, and killer bass, it’s a clever mix of uplifting and big room, jumping between crazy drops and serene breaks with ease. It sounds slightly jarring on paper, but in reality it works a treat, and it’s out now on Ronski’s own Maracaido Records.

Rodrigo Deem – Helix (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
With a slew of releases under his belt last year, Rodrigo Deem joins Enhanced with his latest track Helix. A pounding kick, gritty bassline, and stompy percussion is teamed with some big, brash chords and a nonsensical vocal sample that is still bound to get stuck in your head. It makes for a feel-good big room anthem that is perfect to dance along to. Grab your copy now.

Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Extended Mix) [Black Hole]
After many years as a duo, the solo Solarstone is still a name to get the pulse rate rising. For his latest work, Rich has gone slightly old school, with rolling basslines, crazy synth arps, and breathy vocal stutters. Nothing But Chemistry Here is one of those tracks that is stocked full of energy, and captures the essence of what trance has always been about, just perfect for strobe-filled clubs, or even just for zoning out on your own.