Jan 24, 2015
Entranced 07
Bastian Salbart - iMagine (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
John 00 Fleming - Tik Tok (Part 1) [J00F]
Ost & Meyer - Liquify (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Sneijder - Acid (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Stan Arwell - Memories (Original Mix) [Macarize]

As always here at LessThan3, the end of the week is time for your weekly dose of trance in the shape of five of the finest productions from the best talent the genre has to offer. There’s a bit of contrast on offer for Entranced 07, with some tough and acidic monsters alongside some dreamy big room anthems.

Bastian Salbart – iMagine (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
First up this week is Polish up-and-comer Bastian Salbart, who returns to High Contrast with his latest track iMagine. Tough drums and gritty basslines combine with dreamy synths, floaty vocal chops, and the odd piano motif–so far so normal, but iMagine has a trick up its sleeve. The start-stop technique is nothing new, but Bastian takes it to a whole other level to create a crazy groove that should sound insane in a club. Grab it now from Beatport.

John 00 Fleming – Tik Tok (Part 1) [J00F]
If that wasn’t quite crazy enough, wait until you get a load of John 00 Fleming’s latest track Tik Tok. Split into two parts, Part 1 isn’t just a piece of music; it’s a bit of a history lesson. For all you kids out there (and I tentatively include myself in that): long before Ferry Corsten and the supersaw, this is what trance was all about. Psychedelic riffs, relentless tribal rhythms, a dark and moody atmosphere. Fleming is bringing it all flooding back, and he’s doing so with style. Tik Tok is out now on John’s own J00F label.

Ost & Meyer – Liquify (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Things get a little bit more chilled next for Ost & Meyer’s latest outing on Enhanced Progressive. Liquify starts out as a bit of a stomping big-room trance record, but quickly evolves into a stunning break, complete with big atmospheres and delicate little piano lines. Things move back into big room territory after the drop, but it’s never overbearing and makes for a solid prog-trance anthem. Liquify is out now as a Beatport Exclusive.

Sneijder – Acid (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Right back into crazy territory now, as Irish legend Sneijder takes us on an utterly mental journey with the appropriately named Acid. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about those acid lines, but there is a nice little break complete with some classic supersaw riffs, and one can’t fail to mention the earth-shattering kick drum that gives the track some relentless energy. Acid is out now on John O’Callaghan’s Subculture label–where else, really?

Stan Arwell – Memories (Original Mix) [Macarize]
Rounding things off this week is young New York-based producer Stan Arwell, with another fine release on Macarize. Memories is a feel-good piece of big room trance with a hands-in-the-air riff, some bright piano chords, and a nice bouncy groove. He’s got more than a touch of Audien about his style and could certainly reach the same heights if he continues to kick out tunes like this. Grab Memories now, and turn it up loud!