Jan 09, 2015
Entranced 05
Aerium - Horizons (Dan Stone Remix) [Touchstone]
Craig Meichan - Vesta (Original Mix) [Outburst]
Kevin Wild feat. Kelly Sweet - Fire & Ice (Extended Mix) [Ride]
Tangle - Sahara (A.R.D.I. Remix) [Damaged]
Tom Rogers - Frozen (Original Mix) [Monster Force]

Entranced once again brings you the best the genre has to offer, with plenty of new names and up-and-coming talent under the spotlight for this week’s edition.

Aerium – Horizons (Dan Stone Remix) [Touchstone]
British legend Dan Stone has been a solid presence on the scene for a while now, so you’re always guaranteed a decent track if his name is involved. Horizons–originally by Aerium–is a classic bit of uplifting, complete with a big atmospheric break, frantic synth arps, and we’ll even forgive the over-used “surface of the sun” sample from Sunshine! There’s little information on who is behind Aerium, but Dan Stone has certainly done him/her/them justice with this one! Grab it now.

Craig Meichan – Vesta (Original Mix) [Outburst]
We move from a trance veteran to a relative newcomer with Vesta, an absolutely pounding track from Scottish talent Craig Meichan. With releases already under his belt from Brian Kearney’s Kearnage label, Meichan is already building a good reputation for himself. Vesta is all about hectic but simple synth riffs, a techy production style, and a touch of hard trance thrown in for good measure. It’s out now on Mark Sherry’s Outburst Records.

Kevin Wild feat. Kelly Sweet – Fire & Ice (Extended Mix) [Ride]
Bringing the tempo down is something a little different from San Diego-based producer Kevin Wild, who takes things in a big room direction with Fire & Ice. Featuring the stunning vocals of Kelly Sweet, this is a feel-good anthem with some anthemic chord stabs and some brilliantly catchy vocal chops–certainly one that should work well at both clubs and festivals. While it may be the depths of winter, this track has summer written all over it. Fire & Ice is out now on Myon & Shane54’s Ride Recordings.

Tangle – Sahara (A.R.D.I. Remix) [Damaged]
Right back into the harder side of things now with Tangle and his latest track Sahara. A bit of an anthem in its own right, Polish talent A.R.D.I takes us on an utterly insane psytrance-tinged journey with plenty of uplifting melodies, a rolling bassline, and a kick that could cause earthquakes. Sahara is out now on Jordan Suckley’s Damaged Recordings, a label that continues to be one of the most respected players in the trance scene.

Tom Rogers – Frozen (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
Monster’s consistently good output sets them apart as one of, if not the, leading label when it comes to uplifting trance. Frozen is the debut release from Tom Rogers, and is all about those epic synths, solid percussion, and a silky-smooth production style. It’s dark and brooding as much as it is uplifting, and is a promising start for the newcomer. Grab it now from Beatport.