Jan 03, 2015
Entranced 04
4 Strings feat. Katty Heath - Hold In Silence (Original Mix) [Liquid]
Adam Ellis - Aulus (Original Mix) [Pure Trance]
Colonial One feat. Eva Kade - Where You Are (Kayosa & Tolland Remix) [Go On Air]
Future Antics - Dark Angel (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
Will Atkinson - Harvester (Original Mix) [Kearnage]

The last week of the year is traditionally pretty quiet in terms of releases, but the trance scene certainly hasn’t been resting, with plenty on offer in the latest edition of Entranced. This week, we’ve got five brand new anthems to set off 2015 with all the energy it deserves.

4 Strings feat. Katty Heath – Hold In Silence (Original Mix) [Liquid]
4 Strings blast into 2015 with another slice of uplifting trance that combines modern production, classic sounds, and of course, a stunning vocal. This time, it’s courtesy of Katty Heath, providing a performance that works beautifully with those delicate yet enormous synth melodies. Hold In Silence is out now on Liquid.

Adam Ellis – Aulus (Original Mix) [Pure Trance]
Next up is a stonking bit of uplifting thanks to Sheffield-based producer Adam Ellis. One of the most prolific underground trance producers on the scene right now, Ellis certainly knows how to kick out a belter, and Aulus is no exception. From the frantic melodies to the ethereal vocal chops, this is pure trance as it should be, and rather appropriately, it’s out now on Solarstone’s Pure Trance label.

Colonial One feat. Eva Kade – Where You Are (Kayosa & Tolland Remix) [Go On Air]
The latest effort from Italian duo Colonial One is a bit of an anthem in its own right, but really kicking things up a gear are English/Scottish double act Kayosa & Tolland. Their remix of Where You Are takes things right into “epic” territory, with Eva Kade’s vocals soaring over an enormous break and an even bigger drop. Where You Are is another fine addition to Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Go On Air label, and it’s out now.

Future Antics – Dark Angel (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
Monster was easily my standout trance label of last year, and they look likely to continue the trend in 2015. Dark Angel is a perfect starting point, and it’s the debut release from Future Antics. Dark and energetic with a hint of psy about it, this is a proper club track, just perfect to drop at 4 a.m. under the strobes. Dark Angel is out now on Monster Force.

Will Atkinson – Harvester (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
Some more Kearnage carnage to kick you into touch for the year ahead, this time from label newcomer Will Atkinson. It’s certainly a match made in heaven, as Harvester provides all the dark and twisted hard trance energy we’ve come to expect from Bryan Kearney’s label and from Atkinson himself. Almost slightly disturbing during the break, Harvester is a dancefloor destroyer after the drop–simple, but properly stomping at the same time. Grab it now from Beatport.