Oct 20, 2011
Enter the Dreamworld
M83 - Intro [MUTE]
M83 - Midnight City [MUTE]
M83 - Echoes of Mine [MUTE]

M83 has moved us for years with many powerful productions, including Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun, Teen Angst, and Couleurs. It’s been three years since founder Anthony Gonzales (pictured) released the French inspired album Saturdays=Youth, and now he’s returned with a brand new compilation of work called Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Historically proven to deliver massively epic moods and and feelings, he initially delivered news of his upcoming album with an intriguing YouTube video. In the preview, he revealed one of the most epic tunes on the album, named Echoes of Mine.

A magnificently compelling fusion of both acoustic and electronic elements, two-disc album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming stands between worlds. Opening tune Intro sets the tone and introduces the indie rock elements of M83. Meshing retro vibes with cooling vocals, first single Midnight City is not one you’re going to let go of easily. This tune encompasses the youthful spirit of their compositional style, and also has an accompanying music video featuring some telekinetic children (see below).

M83 has also embarked on a tour to accompany the album release, starting in Mexico City and later traveling into North America before hitting Europe. Based on previous performances, you can expect a powerful blend of live instruments smoothed with electronic enhancements. Be sure to grab your tickets here.

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