Jul 25, 2010
Enter the Chicken
Canblaster - Chicken Run (Original Mix) [Top Billin]
Nicolas Strands & AnTiTo - Wonky Funck (Mahesa Utara Dirty Mix) [Harkee]

Every once in a while a track comes across my ears that is just flat out silly. With this track, you know the degree of silliness in store for you right after the first drop. It definitely solicits a “WTF, haha, my god what is this” kind of reaction, accompanied by involuntary getting down to the superb, Major-Lazer-goes-to-Baltimore underlying beat.

I honestly don’t think it would have been possible to come up with a better name for this track than Chicken Run. We get introduced to that chicken within the first few minutes and stay good friends till the very end. Though this track could very easily have become extremely repetitive, Canblaster did a very nice job changing up the beat pattern in the second half. In fact, overall this track is extremely polished, maintaining a high level of energy throughout. That partially has to do with its short duration, but honestly I commend Canblaster for realizing that any longer and this track would have quickly lost some of its charm.

As a point of comparison, I am also posting another track, which, unfortunately, starts off great then gets kinda annoying (read: this track needs an edit!). The Mahesa Utara remix of Wonky Funck , originally by Nicolas Strands & AnTiTo, does good things for the original, but I could have really used a completely different drop to keep me interested. There’s only so long I can listen to a bunch of electrified crazy bees without losing my mind entirely.

Really can’t wait to hear Chicken Run live. Oh man is that gonna be a sight to see. Lawlz.

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