Jul 03, 2012
Enter Christian Smith's House
Christian Smith - House This House (Original Mix) [Plus 8]
Christian Smith - Indulge Me (Original Mix) [Plus 8]

“Let’s House This House!” Try getting that line out of your head after hearing the latest from Christian Smith. The man behind hits such as Total Departure and Air Miles is back at it with two ultra-bouncy tracks on the House This House EP.

Plus 8’s newest release is an infectious, two-headed monster of metallic grooves and wavy synths. The title track commands you to dance, not just with fun vocals but also with enough bass to register on the Richter scale. The beats stay relentless with Indulge Me; it builds and builds until your eyes roll back in pleasure, then hits you in the face with glorious techno fire. Unleash the fury, Mr. Smith!

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