Dec 18, 2011
LD & Cluekid - Guerrilla Warfare (Original Mix) [Ringo]
LD & Benga - 3 Phase (Original Mix) [Ringo]
LD & Benga - Yes Yes (Original Mix) [Ringo]

Time for some clued-up dubstep futurism courtesy of Transition Studios’ sound-engineer and producer LD. 2010 was a big year for London’s Leon Day, with a string of fierce 12″s for the likes of Dub Police and Ringo Recordings. Now he’s back on Ringo for his first release of 2011, accompanied for a third time by Cluekid as well as bass royalty Benga.

Electric is being released as a double 12″, the first plate of which is given over to a trio of LD’s own synth-heavy dub steamrollers. However, the real meat is to be found in the collaborative tracks–Guerrilla Warfare with Cluekid followed by 3 Phase and Yes Yes with Benga. The Cluekid cut is sexy, with fluid pad vibrations gently massaged by gossamer percussion. Benga likewise keeps things restrained but descends to darker climes, both tracks brimming over with that trademark pulsating bass and slick clap-driven rhythms.

Those choosing to purchase MP3 or FLAC may forgo the pleasure of the gorgeous double sleeve but are treated to Sidewinder, an LD digital exclusive that is perhaps his best solo offering here, raising questions as to why it missed out on the main release. Still, Benga’s return to form after a few sub-par efforts over the last two years makes this well worth the price of admission, whichever format you go for.

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