Oct 02, 2015
Emancipator’s ‘Kids/Truman Sleeps’ Is A Majestic And Chill Masterpiece
Emancipator - Kids/Truman Sleeps (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Progressive-minded trip hop producer Emancipator’s blend of Philip Glass’ piano-driven theme from the film The Truman Show and two separate covers of MGMT’s iconic 2009 single Kids is a brilliant take in both conception and execution.

Emancipator’s played festivals like Camp Bisco this year and quietly brought down the house with this wonder, and it’s now finally available for free. Of most significant note is the piano’s building energy working well alongside plaintive top-line vocals to complement the track weaving through a series of melodic inspirations. Emancipator’s productions always deliver the most chill of vibes, and this is perfectly suited for late-night play or for walking in the city on a fall afternoon.

Grab this outstanding track here.

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