Jan 24, 2013
Eleven.Five Is The Way
eleven.five - The Way We Were (Original Mix) [Arrival]
eleven.five - The Way We Were (Toby Hedges Mix) [Arrival]

Silk Music has been a consistent source of quality tracks in the world of progressive. After releasing the stunning Ethereal EP by Marsh, sub-label Arrival serves up a brand new EP from Eric Fox. Also known as eleven.five, this US producer received continuous support from the late Trance Around The World radio show and continues to work his way into the sets of many progressive and trance DJs. His new release is titled The Way We Were, a dreamy progressive original with accompaniment from Toby Hedges on the remix.

Eric’s melodies have always been a stand-out aspect of his work, and this release is no different. He keeps the groove simple and clean, guiding you through a soundscape of crisp percussion elements and smooth pads. The bass that jumps onto the track is unique and surprising, yet works its way into the mixdown as the other pieces of the track come together.

Toby Hedges elevates the original idea to appeal to the trance crowd, recently snagging the Push The Button title on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio as the most voted track from the previous week. Beefing the percussion, Toby cranks the volume and creates a climactic lead with a driving bassline and remarkable use of reverb. Be sure to pick up this release on Beatport today!

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