Sep 26, 2014
Elephante’s Dirty South Remix Is ‘Unbreakable’
Dirty South - Unbreakable (Elephante Remix) [Astralwerks]

They say elephants never forget. Well, it seems that this Elephante never makes bad songs either. His newest production, a stunning remix of Dirty South’s own standout single Unbreakable, continues that trend.

Dirty South’s original production was infectious in its own right, but Elephante’s innate ability to blend together elements of progressive house and electro takes the song to another level. If the exuberant vocals and cathartic synths don’t get you, something must be wrong with your medulla oblongata.

No release date on the official remix, but you can pre-order Dirty South’s upcoming full-length album, With You, ahead of its Nov. 4 release date on iTunes here.

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