Feb 02, 2011
Electrogirl, Meet Electroman
Benny Benassi feat T-Pain - Electroman (Clean Radio Edit) [Ultra]
Benny Benassi feat T-Pain - Electroman (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Ultra]
Benny Benassi feat T-Pain - Electroman (John Dahlback Remix) [Ultra]

With the names Benny Benassi and T-Pain on the same track, pretty much anyone could have seen this hit a mile away. In a time when pop and hip hop artists are learning how to EDM-ify their music, Electroman stands as a shining example of it done right. Given Benny’s legendary status as an electro house deity, it’s not surprising at all that his work on this track is top notch and consequently will likely carry it high up onto the charts. Just listen to that bassline–fierce, aggressive, and 100% Benassi.

As if the massive single wasn’t enough for us, a set of remixes was released that is going to blow you away. We’ve written up Dirtyphonics several times, but just in case you dont know them when you’re done listening, check out their other stuff. These guys just do their own thing and they totally rock at it. We’re also posting the John Dahlback remix, which is darker, harder and tribal. Between the two of these and the incredible original, be prepared to hear Electroman all over the place in any kind of set. Oh, and PS–official video is below!

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