Oct 22, 2011
Electro Swing
Caravan Palace - Clash (Original Mix)

EDM production techniques continue to pervade all genres of music out there. Today’s example? Swing. Caravan Palace is a Paris-based group that is pushing electro to new heights by adding their own swing and jazzy influences into the mix. The group is made up of three electronic music composers with a common passion for “jazz manouche,” or “gypsy jazz.” Originally they began playing live music that sounded pretty much straight out of the ’30s, but around February 2005 they switched over to electro-swing oriented tunes, which quickly turned into a full-fledged project by the name of Caravan Palace. With over 115,000 fans on Facebook and a jam-packed tour schedule (mostly in France), it seems they are gaining some serious traction–and with good reason.

Clash, the title track off their new EP, is definitely some of the most interesting EDM we’ve ever had on LessThan3. The first 30 seconds will probably have you wondering what I could have been thinking posting this here, but by then your feet should already be tapping without you noticing. This track just screams old meets new once that electro drop hits. It’s got plenty of other goodies in it, like those distinctly ’30s-sounding swing vocals and a nice variety of instruments (clarinets, violins and trombones!) and effects that totally make this a surprise to any listener. If anyone manages to drop this in a set live, please send a video of the crowd’s reaction! I’ve also tossed in a fun electro-swing video below which should be instructive for all you dancers out there! Enjoy!

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