Feb 05, 2012
Electrixx - Some Beats (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Felguk - Blow Out (Electrixx Remix) [Dongle]

It really seems like the Brazilians have electro their running in their blood–Felguk, Dirtyloud and Darth & Vader have rocked us through the past few months with their massive smashers. So maybe you’ve heard of Electrixx, and maybe you haven’t. This producer duo hails from Germany but calls the land and sounds of Brazil home. If you remember that Tetris redux, get ready for a second coming.

Far from dormant, Electrixx has been sticking it to the man with a brand of electro much unlike today’s typical fare. Some Beats focuses on the singularity of that driving analog line, eschewing complexity for hard-hitting simplicity. The remix of Blow Out takes things to the next level, endowing Felguk’s track with a heavy, stop-start groove that just rounds it out perfectly.

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