Oct 09, 2012
Electric Adventure @ Six Flags
Kaskade feat Haley - Llove (Dada Life Remix) [Ultra]
Avicii - Silhouettes (Lazy Rich Remix) [LE7ELS]

Rave culture invaded New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure this past Saturday, bringing some of the world’s top EDM acts to one of the world’s most renowned theme parks. Between over a dozen sick roller coasters and acts like Lazy Rich, Danny Avila, and Excision, it’s fair to say that those attending were there purely for the drops.

It took some time for the venue to fill up, with people trickling in from across the region, but once the party started it flourished in full force. DJ Bl3nd played to a heavily enthusiastic crowd, weaving around a few technical difficulties to deliver an energetic electro set. If you were only there for the rides, which many families and general patrons were, 7-11 was the time to hop on and off at will, as Dada Life and Excision seemed to take over as the park’s main attractions entirely.

There was one aspect of the event that could be tightened up a bit, that being the overall sound quality. I understand Six Flags not necessarily having the massive sound system to support Excision or Dada Life, but those artists need the proper tools to do their jobs and frankly the sound just wasn’t popping. With that being said, the event was properly run, safe, and overall a ton of fun. Being able to look down at a pool of thousands of ravers from the top of my favorite roller coasters was beyond gratifying, and it was a unique experience to be at an EDM event with more serious attractions than just the music.

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