Dec 27, 2011
El Dios Del Sol
Cut//Copy - Sun God (Andrew Weatherall Remix) [Modular]
Cut//Copy - Sun God (Original Mix) [Modular]

Cut//Copy’s newest single from their critically acclaimed album Zonoscope is about to drop with an absolutely hypnotic remix from UK producer Andrew Weatherall. Set to release Jan 24th on Modular, Sun God’s remix encompasses 80s synth pop with modern day psychedelic–the product being a truly special nine minutes of dreamy electronica.

Superb layering is evidenced all throughout the remix. The haunting vocal echoes, the shuffling basslines, the colorful synth–everything meshes together so perfectly that it’s almost hard to tell they were ever separated. Moreover, the atmosphere of the remix is completely different from the original, which is a fifteen-minute conclusion to Zonoscope. While the original is a brimming production in its own right, I have to say that I probably would not have paid much attention to it had it not been for Weatherall’s remix. But that’s besides the fact–both are fantastic headphone music, and both also deserve to get played on your speakers this winter season. The sun god commands it.

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