Oct 13, 2012
Egbert Remixes Earth, Wind & Fire
Earth, Wind & Fire - September (James Egbert Remix)

Rising complextro star James Egbert is back with what might be his biggest and best song yet–a revitalizing remix of the iconic song September by disco/soul/funk band Earth, Wind & Fire. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the original. It’s a catchy, uplifting disco hit and was one of the more memorable songs to come out in the ’70s.

In a lot of hands this remix could have turned out ugly, but not so with Mr. Egbert. James makes great use of samples and manages to capture the same feel-good vibe that the original boasted, all while adding in his signature brand of space-age complextro and bass. It’s funky, it’s dancey, and it’s damn good music. The best part? It’s free–download it here.

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