Dec 27, 2012
Egbert Breakin’ Necks
Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck (James Egbert Remix)

James Egbert is back with another one of his monthly releases, this time applying his talents to Busta Rhymes’ 2001 hit, Break Ya Neck. The original track was considered a hip-hop anthem thanks to two of the genre’s biggest producers, Dr. Dre and Scott Storch (remember him G-Unit fans?), and Mr. Egbert certainly pays them some respects with this banging remix.

Fusing his signature style of heavy electro to Busta’s raspy hook, James transforms a classic piece of hip-hop into a raging dancefloor hit. The drop feels like a nuclear bomb just went off in your face, you can feel the power. It’s Star Wars in your headphones, complete with space-age wobbles, lazer beam synths, and a roaring melody that has you blasting into the stratosphere. It’s an aggressive, “take no prisoners” kind of song, and one of Egbert’s heaviest to date. With a big LP release and a slew of banging singles, 2012 was a breakout year for Mr. Egbert; 2013 is sure to see more of the same. Download the remix for free on his Facebook page, and also keep an eye out for his new original track Chopper, out on Burn The Fire Records on January 7th.

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