Nov 04, 2012
Eelke Kleijn’s Simple Destruction
Eelke Kleijn - Kitten Of Mass Destruction (Original Mix) [Outside The Box]
Eelke Kleijn - Eenvoud (Original Mix) [Outside The Box]

Eelke Kleijn consistently reinvents the unique and lovable sound we have come to love from him over the past 10 years. While still focused on writing effective and melodic grooves, he describes his sound as moving towards more pure techno and house since the progressive outings of his monumental 2007 artist album Naturally Artificial.

We had the chance to quickly catch up with Eelke Kleijn and discuss his latest EP release on Outside The Box, his very own label. Eelke told us he draws inspiration from constant experimentation. Never entering the studio with any set goals or notions, he constantly tweaks the sounds in his studio bit by bit, “Until something cool comes out of it. That’s probably why many of my releases sound different. I’m not really someone that goes for one genre or sound.” Usually finishing a full track in 3 or 4 full days, half his projects never see the light of day–a sign of focusing on quality over quantity.

Now onto the release. Kitten Of Mass Destruction may seem like an oddly named track until you hear the big lead. Originally entitled Weapon of Mass Destruction, It was Eelke’s girlfriend that first heard the meow in the machine, resulting in the name change. Personally, if any animal echoed these noises I would run far, far away. The tight snare fill and the drip-drops only add to the carefully created atmosphere here.

Eenvoud is the Dutch word for simplicity, but this track is no simple matter. Eelke modestly told us this release “basically features a lead sound, a bassline, some drums and not much else, but still manages to capture my imagination for the full seven minutes, so I thought the name was appropriate.” Total modesty, as Eenvoud is filled with welcomed complexities. The instrumentation teases and twists over long-held resonated notes. With eyes closed, it’s a beautiful excursion into a far-off magical land. I envision this played out as a late-night closer, allowing the worn-for-wear clubber to collect their thoughts before reentering the “real” world.

Be sure to keep track of Eelke’s latest adventures on his Facebook, or on Twitter if that is more your flavor. Pick up Eelke Kleijn’s latest EP from Beatport here.

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