Dec 10, 2015
EDX Gives The Avener’s ‘We Go Home’ A Deeper Vibe
The Avener feat. Adam Cohen - We Go Home (EDX's Paris At Night Remix) [Casablanca]

EDX’s take on The Avener’s single We Go Home is called a “Paris By Night” remix, which apparently means grooving spoonfuls of sparse and break-driven beats accentuated by tropical house vibes, too.

EDX is preparing for a run of 15 club dates to close 2015 and open 2016, and maybe this track provides a sense of what the unreleased material to be played during these sets might sound like. The Swiss deep and progressive house star’s sound surfaces a bit more than usual here, the pop sheen more prominent. This track feels like it’s more an attempt to add more moods and feels to a live set more than anything. In EDX adding a depth and scope to his sound though, we could be looking at an artist aware that he’s on the cusp of something more for his career.

Stream this track available Dec. 11 via Beatport above.

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