May 29, 2014
EDX Gives Us ‘Air For Life’
EDX - Air For Life (Original Mix) [PinkStar]

Swiss producer Maurizio Colella, better known as EDX, has made something of a name for himself lately with deep house hits such as Reckless Ardor and Cool You Off. But now he’s returning to his roots with his latest release Air For Life.

The track is prog house with a hint of big room–stompy percussion, big uplifting sweeps and catchy synth riffs–the style EDX originally became known for. Yet underneath there’s a deeper side to it, with chilled plucks, subtle bass and gentle percussion. Air For Life represents EDX finding his niche, with his early production style meeting his recent works at the fine line between deep and prog house–something which few producers have mastered quite so well.

Air For Life is out now as a Beatport Exclusive.

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