Oct 06, 2010
EDM's Hip Hop Love Child
Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (Hype Jones 2011 Remix)
Heavy D - Nuttin But Luv (Hype Jones 2011 Remix)

Star69 Records has something pretty special under their label–an artist by the name of Hype Jones, bringing us incredible infusions of EDM and hip hop. The beats are fresh, the samples are hot, recognizable, and well-used, and the overall energy and style of both tracks is absolutely solid. I could give you real info about this artist, but instead I’ll give you what he’s said about himself on his Facebook page: “I was born in 2045. I created a time machine out of a potato and a delco stereo system from a vintage 1998 Chevy Astro Minivan. I’ve spilled coffee on my time machine and since I’m stuck here I might as well get wasted.” Get excited.

Nuttin But Luv starts off with a pretty traditional intro ’til we arrive at the hip hop sample preview section–a nice little chillout sesh before the rough electro synths come in. Layer over a little vocal sample and we’ve got just the right amount of energy to continue bangin’ onward. Then we get an instance of Laidback Luke’s ‘slow-it-down-and-drop-a-hip-hop-sample’ technique, which we have all witnessed in live settings. Let me tell you–it works, and it works damn well.

Next we have Poison, which features one of the most popular hip hop samples of all time. I wont spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it’s pretty obvious from the title. Similarly to the first track but in a style all its own, Poison creates some sort of old-school hip hop retro EDM beat that is going to have a tremendously wide appeal.

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