Dec 19, 2013
WTF? Make Music With Facial Expressions

Wait! Don’t waste that surprised look on your face staring at your computer when it could very well be the next #1 hit single, come on… use your head when using your face.

With the definition of “controller” blurring more every day, one new method of making electronic music caught our eye, and the eyes of each user to give it a go since its introduction: Max Ma’s Touchless.

Design and tech publication PSFK reports that this little wonder turned many a head at NYU’s ITP Winter Show as faces twitching in front of the Kinect-based setup seemed to be composing music with their facial movements. Using 64 points on a person’s face, Touchless allows for the creation of music without requiring free hands, obviously lending itself to improvisational live performances with no need for hand-eye coordination. Apparently the system has a problem tracking faces with beards, however, rendering it virtually inoperable in Brooklyn.

The package will also include a sensor-based “soft” midi keyboard for penning specific melodies, as seen in the video below. No word on mass distribution, but expect this to land on artists’ wishlists and into live performance in the not-too-distant future.

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