Sep 09, 2014
Watch The Trailer For ‘Eden,’ The French House Movie Featuring Daft Punk

Eden, the French house feature film focused around Daft Punk and other pioneers of the scene, now has an official trailer.

The movie is about a young man in early-’90s Paris who’s engulfed in the rave scene. Rather than being drawn to the music of the events he’s going to, the young man named Paul has a fascination with the rhythms of Chicago House. Paul and a friend form a DJ duo called Cheers while two of their other friends form a group they name Daft Punk. The soundtrack is laced with dance music legends and features music from Daft Punk, Frankie Knuckles and more, the rights for which cost over a half-million euros alone.

As previously reported, the film’s first showing will be at the Toronto International Film Festival, now firmly scheduled for Sept. 14. Enjoy the new trailer below, and check back for a chance to see the film for yourself.

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