Jun 30, 2010
EDC Wrap-Up

Well, EDC 2010 is over, but it will not soon be forgotten. 185,000 people showed up on Friday and Saturday, making it the largest EDM festival in US history. The mainstage, also known as the LA Memorial Coliseum, was the main spectacle – on Saturday, the main field filled up so fast that they had to close the doors at 6:00pm. This, however, didn’t stop some peoples’ hopes of making it over the fence to the field. During will.i.am and Laidback Luke’s sets, the music was stopped three times until, as Lil Jon put it when he ran onstage, “people stop jumpin’ ova tha mothaf*ckin’ fence.”

Yep, you read that right folks – Lil Jon and will.i.am were on the mainstage at a dance music festival. But why wouldn’t they be? It’s not every day you get to perform in front of 185K people. Lil Jon was mainly there for crowd energy boosts (video below), but will.i.am actually spun a DJ set, although I must say it was pretty terrible. Mismatched beats and phrases, outdated song selections, and mimicking electronic vocal effects and delays using just his mouth were some of the unpleasantries that occurred.

On a brighter note, some of the highlights of Friday included the masterful Swedish House Mafia, who waited for the encore to blast the crowd with their smash hit One. Dirty South’s set was also excellent – a tasteful blend of house and trance that had a much more original sound than some of the other DJs taking the stage.

Saturday was the day of Laidback Luke on the mainstage; to call his set murderous would be an understatement. Some highlights included his remix of Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon and his remix of the previously mentioned One by SHM. Other excellent sets came from the likes of Afrojack, who premiered a new track with Lil Jon, as well as a brutal set by the legendary Benny Benassi.

The main recommendation I have for Electric Daisy next year is to switch up the sounds on the mainstage. There was so much electro-murder that many of the tracks were being played two, three, even four times. Some softer sounds would have been very welcomed, especially on Saturday. All in all, though, it was an amazing experience, and I feel privileged to have been in attendance.

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