Jun 02, 2014
Tales Of EDC: ‘Under The Electric Sky’ [Review]

It’s been a few years since the last EDC film (2011’s The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience), and we saw the latest documentary examining Insomniac’s massive festival called Under The Electric Sky last Thursday at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. Haven Entertainment helped produce the new documentary, which improved over the last one with much better flow, longer running time, and more memorable characters and moments.

While it does offer a bit of commentary from CEO Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac employees about the history of raves in Los Angeles and how the company got started, the main focus of Under The Electric Sky is on the attendees. For years, Insomniac has been referring to their fans as the real headliners of the event. While this does make for some appealing marketing, it’s arguably fair to say that fans come for the party more than the lineup. Year after year, EDC Las Vegas sells out far in advance of the lineup, underlining the fact that fans go for the experience rather than for any particular DJs. Of course, the lineup every year is always impressive, though.

Shot in 3D, Under The Electric Sky keeps you interested by bouncing between clips of memorable DJ performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and six select groups of fans telling their stories of their 2013 EDC Las Vegas experiences. They did a fairly good job identifying familiar types of fans seen every year, including beer guzzling rage bros on a road trip, a wild rave family of guys and girls wearing spirit hoods, and an old school kandi raver couple who met at EDC over a decade ago and are coming back to get married on the festival grounds. Additionally, it tells the story of an anxious Above & Beyond fan from Texas going for her first time, a cute couple in a long-distance relationship, and the familiar face, Jose Perales, who earned lots of applause in the theater when he talked about how being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop him from raving in the crowd like everyone else.

To my surprise, the film doesn’t gloss over the fact that illegal substance abuse takes place at EDC. It introduces those in charge of the health and well-being of those who attend, and explains how their doctors, medical personnel, and Ground Control teams do their very best to avoid unfortunate tragedies. Adding a dose of emotion and a life lesson, the bros in tank tops who call themselves the original Wolf Pack actually tell a sad story of how one of their best friends named Ferris died from an overdose. Their road trip to EDC together was their way of coping with the loss, and gave them reason to giveup taking drugs as well.

Watching Under The Electric Sky is a definitely a great way to get pumped up for this year’s EDC Las Vegas event. It brought back some fond memories, and it has a few laughs in it too. To host a screening, apply here.

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