Mar 02, 2011
EDC Moves to Las Vegas
Wippenberg - Phoenix (Original Mix) [Get Wipped]

Last week, Insomniac Events announced that the Electric Daisy Carnival, held for the past four years in the Los Angeles Coliseum, will be relocated indefinitely to Las Vegas. The Los Angeles based producer was unable to renew its contract with the Coliseum Commission, and so “without an extended contract in place at this time, it has become impossible to to guarantee to all the fans and talent that EDC can be produced in this venue this year,” said Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella in an official statement.

In an LA Times blog article, the tone was slightly more negative, with commission members stating that the event will probably not return due to the controversies of last year, including numerous injuries, overcrowding, and the death of a 15 year old girl. Apparently a Coliseum administrator was also serving as a paid consultant to Insomniac. While he denies doing anything wrong, the district attorney’s office and a political practices commission are launching an investigation into the ties between the administrator and Insomniac.

Despite the scandal, Insomniac plans to proceed with the Las Vegas event, stating that it will soon release an artist lineup, venue and ticket information. Rotella also stated that he would love to see the show return to Los Angeles someday, but for now, “we are very excited to bring Electric Daisy Carnival to another world-class destination–Las Vegas. I’ve always dreamed of taking this show to Las Vegas. We invite all of our fans to join us there.” Will you still be going to EDC now that it’s in Vegas? Tell us in the comments!

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