Sep 10, 2015
Eclectic Method’s ‘Chewie Tune’ Is Your New Favorite Star Wars Bounce Jam

Begging the question of why “Star Wars plug-in” isn’t a thing easily found by dance producers scouring Pirate Bay for next-level Ableton tools, Barcelona-based producer Eclectic Method has created Chewie Tune. Yes, it’s a track that sets dialogue snippets and wailing Chewbacca tones from Star Wars films, and yes, it’s absolutely great.

You didn’t think when waking up this morning that you wanted a Melbourne bounce banger set to the voices of your favorite Jedi warriors, but the producer, who is also YouTube famous for his work with Terminator, Childish Gambino, and Ghostbusters-themed videos has excelled yet again.

Click the video below once, and we’re not sorry if you keep returning to this link all day while waiting in anticipation for the forthcoming new Star Wars film.

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